Academic biography:

Manchester Metropolitan University

 - 2016 PhD "The Work Programme: Making Welfare Work?"

 - 2013 MA Globalisation and Social Transformations (double-first distinction)

 - BA (Hons) Sociology and Modern Studies

Prizes and Awards

- 2013 Head of Department's Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement (MMU)

- 2013 Programme Leader's Award

- 2014 Most Outstanding Paper Prize, MMU Post-graduate conference

MA Dissertation: Fieldwork analysis of Flexible New Deal

Peer reviewed academic papers:

Jordan, John David (2013) "The Anathattracive s/State: A Marxist-Semiotic Analysis of the Discourse, Ideology and Practice of Neoliberal Workfare." Public Journal of Semiotics 5(2).

Jordan, John David (2014) "The Rage of Well-fed Lions: The Economic Foundation of UK Welfare Claimant Demonisation in the Neoliberal Era." French Journal of British Studies. XIX(I): 215-250.

Jordan, John David (2015) "Hayek's Maze: The Ideological Construction of Workfare, and Other members of Late Capitalism's 'Problem Family'." Science and Society, 79(4).

Jordan, John David (2017) "Welfare grunters and workfare monsters? An empirical review of the operation of two UK 'Work Programme' centres." Journal of Social Policy, November 2017: Online at:

Jordan, John David (2017) "Evidence from the ‘Frontline’? An Ethnographic Problematisation of Welfare-to-Work Administrator Opinions." Work, Employment and Society, 31(1): pp.57-74.

Non-Peer Reviewed

The Eagle’s Dialectic: Re-evaluating Carlos Castaneda as Post-structuralist Philosopher.

The Disturbing Rise of Eugenic Alt-Science:

Conference Presentations:
"Researching the Work Programme", Post-graduate research symposium, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2014.

"The Criminalisation of Welfare", British Society of Criminology annual conference, University of Liverpool, 9/7/14.

"Making Welfare Work? The Realities Behind the Rhetoric of Welfare Reform", Research Institute for the Humanities symposium, University of Keele, 6/7/14.

"Real Life Crimes, Council Estate Dramas and Proleaphobia: How 'Socio-chthonic' Mythologies Serve the Neoliberal Welfare Agenda", True Crime: Fact, Fiction, Ideology conference, Manchester Conference Centre, 6/7/14.

"Disciplining the Reserve Labour Army: The Reality behind the Rhetoric in the UK Government's Work Programme", Social and Political Critique in an Age of Austerity, University of Keele, 12/2/14.

"Making Welfare Work? Researching the UK Government's Work Programme", British Sociological Association regional teaching group conference, University of Salford, 22/2/14.

"Making Welfare Work? Researching the UK Government's Work Programme", Social Science and Psychology teacher training conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, 13/3/14.