Before joining Hope University, I was a Reader in Learning, Teaching and Student success within Business and won the Owain Glyndwr prize for my contributions to education, enterprise, innovation and learning.  I encourage all of these aspects when teaching and supporting students with their academic studies.  A colleague once said to me: "Education changes lives" - and I believe that! My career spans many years in management and leadership positions in business and has involved extensive and far-reaching change projects - which I see continuing in speed and scope since moving into academia.  I am passionate about networking, executive education and continuing professional development - which has enabled me to retain and grow business contacts and engaged in knowledge transfer partnerships.  The question I continue to pose, following numerous research initiatives is: what factors contribute to an individual performing to a high level within the workplace - and therefore strengthening their own employability?  
Subjects I teach include Implementing and Managing Strategies, Project Management, Operations Management, (including Supply Chain and Lean), Change Management, (including creativity and innovation), Entrepreneurship and Research Methods