My work focuses on the story of African Christianity, both in the continent of Africa and in the African Diaspora. I am particularly interested in three conversations connected to African Christianity. First, its history. I am fascinated by the works of Tertullian and Augustine just as much those of Desmond Tutu and John Mbiti. Second, its connection to African culture and philosophy. I find questions like, “what does it mean to be an African and a Christian at the same time?” and “what does ubuntu have to say to the Christian gospel in Africa?” exciting. And third, its missiology. African Christians are now talking the gospel to the world, and thus, I wonder what is actually happening with African Christianity in the Diaspora (especially in the Western world) and how the African missionary movement will take shape in this century.
In addition to this, I am interested in missiological conversations in contemporary Europe and North America. For over ten years, I have been part of the missional church conversation in Britain and the United States. At the same time, I have also been involved in a conversation around “Diaspora Missiology” — an exploration of non-Western missionary movements, especially those working in Europe and North America. My book, Sent Forth: African Missionary Work in the West (Orbis, American Society of Missiology Series, 2014) is part of this conversation. 
I obtained my PhD (2012, Luther Seminary, St Paul, Minnesota, USA) following a research on the missiological (or theological) implications of the presence of African Christians in the United States. For my Masters (2007, University of Wales, United Kingdom), I wrote on congregational transformation for mission in Europe and North America. I got my Bachelor of Education (Mathematics) from the Chancellor College (of the University of Malawi) in 1997. I have taught African studies, theology, missiology and missional leadership courses at several colleges in Europe, the United States and some African countries. I am currently working on projects exploring (1) the gifts of African Christians in Britain, (2) the faith of young migrants, and (3) mission theology in African perspectives. I founded and continue to be the general editor of Missio Africanus: The Journal of African Missiology.