Short Biography

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Popular Music and Recording and a Master of Arts degree in Compositional Studies, both from The University of Salford. 

I am currently engaged in two research projects. The first is a practice-based exploration of power through sound art with participants from a locality that has been negatively impacted by “austerity”. The second is a study of the perspectives of contemporary Music Production students on the more traditional approaches to music theory and notation.

Teaching Specialisms

  • Music Technology
  • Studio Composition
  • Songwriting
  • MIDI Arrangement & Orchestration
  • Popular Music Studies

School Roles

  • Assessment Coordinator for Music

Recent Works

  • Cartographies (2019) - Quadraphonic installation that explores community self-empowerment (power-to). Created from recordings of community interventions in West Everton. Installed at Angel Field Festival from the 22nd- 25th of March 2019.
  • Patchwork Rattlebag - Abschattungen (2019) - Single for the group Patchwork Rattlebag. A song-based experiment involving found sound, granular techniques, syncopation and alternating metre. Released on all digital platforms. Includes the B-side “...and what? (le danse de l'inconsequence de la vie et la mort)”.
  • What Does Who to What? (2018) - Site-specific, interactive, aleatory, audio-visual collaboration with Chantelle Valentin (video). An exploration of the installation space as a site of pre-existing power relations. Installed at ArtsEqual, Edge Hill University in 2018 and Angel Field Festival from the 26th- 29th of March 2019.
  • Reck (2018) - An exploration of time-stretched, digital sonorities and an experiment in site-specificity. Recorded, in part, on location at Martini Elettrico, Bologna, where it was subsequently performed.
  • It’s the Hope (2018) - Piece for three pianos. Based on several Syrian scales and realised via aleatory methods in Ableton Live. Performed by Piano Circus at Edge Hill University.
  • Carnal Echo (2017) - Piece for ten percussionists. Based on additive rhythmic units and macro-rhythmic patterns inspired by Edmund Husserl’s phenomenology of time. Selected as the (UK) winner of the Great Plains/Great Britain composer exchange in 2018 and performed by the Studio 21 percussion ensemble at Oklahoma City University.
  • Patchwork Rattlebag – On My Own (2017) - Single for the group Patchwork Rattlebag. Featured on the EDM compilation House of Dance Grooves (2017). Rated 5/5 by manchestermusic.co.uk and 9/10 by Reyt Good Music Magazine. Includes the B-side, “Bokononist”.
  • Fragments of the Ship Canal Project (2013) - Eight-channel acousmatic “song-cycle” produced as final MA Composition Skills piece. An exploration of modernist poetics and the relationship between foundsound and text. The piece, or movements from it, have been performed at: Sound and City 2013, Ionian University, Corfu; Salford Sonic Fusion Festival 2013; and Resonant Edge Festival 2017.
  • Interference (2012) - Four-channel acousmatic piece performed at Alte Schmiede, Vienna as part of the EU funded Listening Cities programme.