Prior to coming to the UK my qualifications include: studying subjects such as history, philosophy Greek, Latin, Italian literature at a Grammar School; a Laurea Magistrale Degree in Educational Sciences at Università Cattolica of Milan (4 years, 45 exams, training-on the-job and thesis dissertation and defence) with a specialisation as an expert in adult learning and training processes and strategies and an exploration of subjects such as theories of communication, methodology of social research, pedagogy, adult learning, comparative education, psychology, sociology, history, philosophy, theology; a Master’s Degree in Adult Training and Learning processes and programs at ISMO (in Milan), a specialist centre of research focused on human resources development and management, during which I explored organizational dynamics, the trainer’s role, adult learning processes, planning, tools and methods in training, leadership and innovation, assessment and transfer learning.

In my doctoral study at Anglia Ruskin University (UK) I combined my area of expertise - adult learning -with drama techniques and processes and some of the features of globalisation. I was also sponsored by the Faculty of Education to gain the PG Certificate in teaching and learning in higher education. In Italy I worked as a consultant in a commercial and management consulting and training company and as an educator in community care for children aged 3-14 years old. During my doctorate I was a facilitator of internal seminars, an occasional lecturer, an undergraduate dissertation supervisor, a module leader (Creative Arts and Pedagogy, Early Childhood Studies), a part-time Research Assistant and a member of FREP (Faculty Research Ethics Panel), exploring the complex and controversial relationship between ethics and research. I also started to employ creative techniques to promote adult learning in various forms of teaching and training and with various types of learners. During my research fellowship with Prof Lin Norton at Liverpool Hope university I conducted an ethnographic exploration on how current pedagogical theories and issues of teaching, learning, academic writing, and assessment apply to practice, with the challenges involved.

I have been teaching at Liverpool Hope university since 2010. Some of the courses I have been involved in are: ethical issues, research projects, research methods, the child in society, understanding early childhood, learning in early childhood, seminars on sociology, history, philosophy and psychology, reading groups, EBL (enquiry based learning). I am supervising  MA Education Students and a PhD student. I am co-ordinator of the academic lectures and of pastoral care for the BA in Education.