Dr Curtis Ziniel is a senior lecturer of Research Methods within the Liverpool Hope University Business School.  He acquired his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from North Dakota State University and his PhD from the University of California at Riverside.  He has received additional research methods training at Harvard University and the University of Michigan.  Before coming to Hope University, he previously taught at the University of Oregon.  His varied teaching experience includes classes in research methods, communication, politics, education, and business.  His teaching at Hope has focused on research methods for both undergraduates and postgraduates.  

His research is currently focused on green market growth and organizational activity toward positive social change.  He is co-lead of the Greening Markets Research Group (www.greeningmarkets.org).  He is published in: Ethnic and Racial Studies; International Journal of Social Quality; International Public Management Journal; Business Ethics, the Environment & Responsibility; and Sage: Research Methods Cases. 

Recent Publications:

Ziniel, C. (2020) Colouring Representation: Staff Racial Employment Patterns in US Congressional Offices. Ethnic and Racial Studies. https://doi.org/10.1080/01419870.2020.1851379

Ziniel, C. and Bradley, T. (2018) Greening British Businesses: SMEs and the New Wave of the Environmental Social Movement. International Journal of Social Quality 8(2), pp.1-26. 

Bradley, T. and Ziniel, C. (2017) Green Governance? Local Politics and Ethical Businesses in Great Britain. Business Ethics: A European Review 27(1), pp.18-30.

Ziniel, C. and Ghalib, A. (2017) Research Informed Teaching: A Mixed Methods Approach to Assessing Perception and Practice Within a Higher Education Setting. SAGE Research Methods Cases. Sage Publishing, London. 

Ziniel, C. and Ghalib, A. (2017) Student-led tutorials and their implications on learning and teaching: Findings from a mixed methods study. SAGE Research Methods Cases. Sage Publishing, London.